2024 ICC T20 World Cup Schedule: Dates, Venues, and Matchups Revealed

T20 World Cup Schedule 2024

The inauguration of the T20 World Cup 2024 is about to happen in Dallas next month, in the form of a fun and captivating match between the USA and Canada.


From the 20 participating teams that are playing through 58 fixtures, the Super Eights are set to rise high and battle one another for a place among the winning four teams that will reach the semi-finals. The final match, on the other hand, which will bring us the star of the show, will be held in Barbados about a month later – the perfect festive end to a summer of sporty fervor!


Today, we have brought to you the final ICC T20 World Cup schedule 2024 with detailed timings of play.

T20 World Cup Schedule 2024: What Are The Four T20 Tournament Groups?

The T20 World Cup groups are divided into four parts to ensure a balanced and fair distribution. Experts say that the group division of the 2024 World Cup is one of the best we have seen!

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  • Group A: USA, Canada, India, Ireland, Pakistan
  • Group B: England, Australia, Oman, Namibia, Scotland
  • Group C: New Zealand, West Indies, Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Uganda
  • Group D: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Nepal

ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2024: Date, Venues, and Timings

This year, the T20 World Cup schedule 2024 matches are going to be held in Different cities in the USA as well as Caribbean islands like Dallas, New York, Barbados, Trinidad, etc.

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We are going to see the first exclusive match of the season take place on 1st June ‘24 and the rest of the tournaments spread across the whole month, ending on 29th.  This means we might have to keep our schedule clear for more than one tournament in a day! Indeed, this is going to be an adrenaline-inducing period of 29 event full days.




1 June 2024, Saturday USA vs Canada Dallas
2  June 2024, Sunday West Indies vs PNG Guyana
2  June 2024, Sunday Namibia vs Oman Barbados
3 June 2024, Monday Sri Lanka vs South Africa New York
3 June 2024, Monday Afghanistan vs Uganda Guyana
4  June 2024, Tuesday England vs Scotland Barbados
4  June 2024, Tuesday Netherlands vs Nepal Dallas
5 June 2024, Wednesday India vs Ireland New York
5 June 2024, Wednesday PNG vs Uganda Guyana
5 June 2024, Wednesday Australia vs Oman Barbados
6  June 2024, Thursday USA vs Pakistan Dallas
6  June 2024, Thursday Namibia vs Scotland Barbados
7 June 2024, Friday Canada vs Ireland New York
7 June 2024, Friday New Zealand vs Afghanistan Guyana
7 June 2024, Friday Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Dallas
8 June 2024, Saturday Netherlands vs South Africa New York
8 June 2024, Saturday Australia vs England Barbados
8 June 2024, Saturday West Indies vs Uganda Guyana
9  June 2024, Sunday India vs Pakistan New York
9  June 2024, Sunday Oman vs Scotland Antigua
10 June 2024, Monday South Africa vs Bangladesh New York
11 June 2024, Tuesday Pakistan vs Canada New York
11 June 2024, Tuesday Sri Lanka vs Nepal Florida
11 June 2024, Tuesday Australia vs Namibia Antigua
12 June 2024, Wednesday USA vs India New York
12 June 2024, Wednesday West Indies vs New Zealand Trinidad
13  June 2024, Thursday England vs Oman Antigua
13  June 2024, Thursday Bangladesh vs Netherlands St. Vincent
13  June 2024, Thursday Afghanistan vs PNG Trinidad
14 June 2024, Friday USA vs Ireland Florida
14 June 2024, Friday South Africa vs Nepal St.Vincent
14 June 2024, Friday New Zealand vs Uganda Trinidad
15 June 2024, Saturday India vs Canada Florida
15 June 2024, Saturday Namibia vs England Antigua
15 June 2024, Saturday Australia vs Scotland St. Lucia
16  June 2024, Sunday Pakistan vs Ireland Florida
16  June 2024, Sunday Bangladesh vs Nepal St.Vincent
16  June 2024, Sunday Sri Lanka vs Netherlands St.Lucia
17 June 2024, Monday New Zealand vs PNG Trinidad
17 June 2024, Monday West Indies vs Afghanistan St. Lucia
19 June 2024, Wednesday A2 vs D1 Antigua
19 June 2024, Wednesday B1 vs C2 St. Lucia
20  June 2024, Thursday C1 vs A1 Barbados
20  June 2024, Thursday B2 vs D2 Antigua
21 June 2024, Friday B1 vs D1 St.Lucia
21 June 2024, Friday A2 vs C2 Barbados
22 June 2024, Saturday A1 vs D2 Antigua
22 June 2024, Saturday C1 vs B2 St.Vincent
23  June 2024, Sunday A2 vs B1 Barbados
23  June 2024, Sunday C2 vs D1 Antigua
24 June 2024, Monday B2 vs A1 St. Lucia
24 June 2024, Monday C1 vs D2 St.Vincent
26 June 2024, Wednesday Semi-Final 1 Guyana
27 June 2024, Thursday Semi-Final 2 Trinidad
29 June 2024, Saturday Final Barbados


The T20 World Cup Schedule 2024 brings to the forefront an interesting mix of strong players. Many of them have been undergoing intensive training and the team themselves have also changed their gaming strategy. Now what is left to be seen is how they perform compared to one another! Over the last few years, many of these teams have changed crucial members, and are now about to introduce novel, strong national players to the international landscape.

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