Celebrity Cricket League – A Star-Studded Cricket Tournament

Celebrity Cricket League 2024

The confluence of glitz and gamesmanship of the Celebrity Cricket League makes it one of the grand sporting events of India. The event is returning with its glory to entertain cricket enthusiasts in the final week of February. After taking a break for a few years, this tournament is returning for every cricket lover to enjoy.


Cricket enthusiasts are going to be in a celebratory mood. The talented participating teams have more than two hundred celebrities from the Indian Film Industry. The star-studded sporting event of Celebrity Cricket League 2024 is hosting its latest season, and viewers can watch the tournament on their preferred devices.

What is the Celebrity Cricket League?

The framework of CCL is curated, organized, and sponsored by Indian Industries. It makes this tournament somewhat similar to the IPL. However, the catch of this tournament is that numerous celebrities from different film and regional language industries participate in this cricket league.

The league probably will debut its tenth season in the final week of February and will hold twenty matches between eight teams. Among the 20 matches, thirteen matches will take place during the evening session. The rest of the matches will happen during the afternoon session. The final match of Celebrity Cricket League 2024 will be held on 17th March.

Meet the Teams Participating in the Celebrity Cricket League 2024 –

Before one initiates watching the game on their preferred device, you should know the teams beforehand. The star-studded teams which delve into bringing a confluence of glamour and sportsmanship, are as follows –


1.     Bengal Tigers –

Bengal Tigers is the team representing the state of West Bengal. This team is led by the talented Bengali actor Jisshu Sengupta.

2.     Mumbai Heroes –

The team represents the state of Maharashtra and Sohail Khan is its owner. The captain of this team is the actor Ritesh Deshmukh.

3.     Chennai Rhinos –

The team of the Tamil film industry made its debut match in 2011. The team of Tamil Nadu is led by actor Arya.

4.     Karnataka Bulldozers –

Karnataka Bulldozers is a team of Sandalwood stars. This team represents Karnataka and the captain of this squad is actor Pradeep.


5.     Panjab De Sher –

Panjab De Sher is one of the strong teams in the Celebrity Cricket League. This team representing Punjab is led by the famous Bollywood star Sonu Sood.

6.     Kerala Strikers –

The squad of Kerala is led by Kunchako Boban. Most of the celebrities who are a part of this squad are actors of Mollywood.

7.     Bhojpuri Dabbangs –

This Manoj Towari lead team represents the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. The Bhojiwood actors squad is one of the most loved teams of CCL.

8.     Telugu Warriors –

Lastly, the team which is representing the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is known as Telugu Warriors. The captain of this team is the famous Telugu actor Akkineni Akhil.

Learn the History of Celebrity Cricket League –

If you love cricket and want to experience something new and exciting, then CCL should be on your watch list. The celebrities of the diverse Indian Entertainment Industry are an ensemble of different regional languages.


Viewers can watch actors bring glitz into India’s most influential sport, Cricket. To learn more about CCL, you can peruse the history of this event in the following section –

1.     Season 1 –

Celebrity Cricket League was inaugurated in 2011. The agenda of this CCL1 was to create awareness regarding anti-piracy. Further, the 1st season took place between 4 teams and Chennai Rhinos became champion of the first season.

2.     Season 2 –

CCL2 took place in 2012 and was played by 4 teams. Chennai Rhinos became champion of the 2nd season as well.

3.     Season 3 –

The third season of CCL introduced 2 new teams. This has made the league even more exciting for Cricket enthusiasts. At the end of the 3rd season, Karnataka Bulldozers became Champion.

4.     Season 4 –

The highlight of the 4th season of CCL was that the team of Karnataka Bulldozers became champions of the league for the 4th consecutive year.

5.     Season 5 –

The most successful season in the history of the Celebrity Cricket Leaguehas received the most viewership. In the fifth season of the league, Telugu Warriors were the champions, and they won against Chennai Rhinos.


Conclusion –

The immense viewership and popularity of CCL have paved the way for Celebrity Cricket League 2024With a total of 8 teams, this season is expected to receive an even greater response from cricket enthusiasts. You can enjoy this tournament on different online gaming platforms like Key11. With credible platforms like Key11, you won’t miss any games and stay updated regarding the proceedings of CCL.



  1. How Many Teams are Playing in the 10th Season of CCL?

A total of 8 are going to perform in the upcoming season of CCL.

  1. What Happened to Veer Marathi?

The team led by Mahesh Manjrekar has been defunct. Therefore the Mumbai Heroes are formed to represent Maharashtra.

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